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Day One

NYC's biggest startup hiring event. The fastest growing digital companies meet talented devs, designers & folks from all skill sets. With an art battle, founder talks, a bar, dogs & snow cones - it's the lovechild of a circus and a job fair.

Day Two

A day of discussions about growth and partnerships told by over 40 of NYC's leading entrpepreneurs. Hear from thought leaders and troublemakers — it's a fun, can't-miss for the startup industry, agencies, brands and the digitally curious. 



      • Scott Heiferman
      • Co-Founder/CEO, Meetup
      • Marc Ecko
      • Founder, Marc Ecko Enterprises
      • David Karp
      • Founder/CEO, Tumblr
      • Scott Belsky
      • Founder/CEO, Behance
      • Paul Berry
      • Founder/CEO, RebelMouse
      • Gary Vaynerchuk
      • Founder, VaynerMedia
      • Sean Mills
      • CEO, Nerve
      • Ayah Bdeir
      • Founder, littleBits
      • Ben Kaufman
      • Founder/CEO, Quirky
      • Neil Blumenthal
      • Co-Founder/CEO, Warby Parker
      • Josh Abramson
      • Founder, Collegehumor, Vimeo, Bustedtees
      • Robin Hafitz
      • CEO, Open Mind Strategy
      • Bianca Bosker
      • Sr. Tech Editor, Huffington Post
      • Ari Goldberg
      • Founder/CEO, Stylecaster
      • Justin Stefano
      • Co-Founder, Refinery29
      • Emily Heyward
      • Founder, Red Antler
      • Jesse Israel
      • Co-Founder, Cantora Records
      • Matt Meeker
      • Co-Founder/CEO, Barkbox
      • Rachel Haot
      • Chief Digital Officer, NYC
      • Mark Mangan
      • Co-Founder, Flavorpill
      • Harry DeMott
      • Partner, Raptor Ventures
      • Maya Baratz
      • New Products/Shows, ABC News
      • Nilay Patel
      • Managing Editor, The Verge
      • Vinicius Vacanti
      • Co-Founder/CEO, Yipit
      • Dave Stein
      • Co-Founder/CEO, Thefuture.fm
      • Ian Schafer
      • Founder/CEO, Deep Focus
      • Steve Schlafman
      • Principal, Lerer Ventures
      • Felix Salmon
      • Finance Blogger, Reuters
      • Amanda Peyton
      • Co-Founder, Grand St.
      • Adam Rothenberg
      • Director, Techstars
      • Katie Longmyer
      • Founder/CEO, Good Peoples
      • Mat Rick
      • Director, Bold Italic
      • Jason Goldman
      • Co-Founder/COO, Obvious
      • Nick Catchdubs
      • Co-Founder, Fools Gold Records
      • Shane Rahmani
      • VP, Jack Threads
      • Gerrit Meier
      • GM Partnerships, Spotify
      • Slava Rubin
      • Founder/CEO, Indiegogo
      • Jennifer Fleiss
      • Pres/Co-Founder, Rent The Runway
      • Carlos McKinley
      • Senior Director, Microsoft
      • Ian Geller
      • VP Biz Dev, Pandora
      • Shane Snow
      • Co-Founder/CEO, Contently
      • Joey Rubin
      • Falling Whistles
      • Michael Parish Dudell
      • Founder, Race + Vine
      • Kenny Herman
      • EVP: Biz Dev, Single Platform
      • Aubrey Sabala
      • VP Mktg/Communications, Sailthru
      • Roland Cozzolino
      • CTO, Media Math
      • Shauna Mei
      • Founder, AHAlife
      • Howard Smith
      • Tech Recruiting Mgr, Spotify
      • Wesley David Sine
      • Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Cornell
      • Miguel McKelvey
      • Co-founder/CCO, WeWork
      • Darshan Somashekar
      • Co-founder, Easybib
      • Andrew Lowitz
      • Director of Talent, Lot18
      • Derek Gottfrid
      • VP Product, Tumblr
      • Alison Lowery
      • CTO, Simulmedia
      • Will Allen
      • Head of Operations, Behance
      • Geoff Bartakovics
      • CEO, Tasting Table
      • Paul Murphy
      • Betaworks
      • Jason Oshiokpekhai
      • SME Mktg & Dev, American Airlines
      • Lia Yu
      • Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft
      • Matt Harris
      • Managing Director, Bain Captial Ventures
      • Brian Shields
      • Co-founder, IncubateNYC


12:30PM Opening Address
Tarek Pertew
1:00PM 60 Hiring Startups on display and ready to meet you
1:30PM Intro To Startups in NYC
Steve Shlafman, Lerer Ventures
2:15PM Founder Story Telling
Michael Parrish, DuDell | Scott Heiferman, Meetup | Derek Gottfried, Tumblr | Shauna Mei, AhaLife | Kenny Herman, Single Platform
3:15PM Culture Club: Keeping it Real
Bianca Bosker, Huffington Post | Matt Meeker, Barkbox | Miguel McKelvey, WeWork | Aubrey Sabala, Sailthru | Roland Cozzolino, MediaMath
4:15PM What it takes: Work at a startup
Chris Johnson, Wakefield | Howard Smith, Spotify | Andrew Lowitz, Lot18 | Alison Lowery, Simulmedia | Darshan Somashekar,Easybib
5:30PM - 7:00PM Papernapkin Pitch Contest
Judges: Lia Yu, Microsoft | Adam Rothenberg | Steve Schlafman, Lerer Ventures | Paul Murphy, Betaworks | Brian Shields, IncubateNYC | Wes David Sine, Cornell
7:30PM - 9:30PM Spotify Scout Happy Hour
Featuring The Doyle Brothers

LINEUP FOR SCALE, Tuesday Nov 13

10:00AM Introducing Scale
Tarek Pertew, Wakefield
10:15AM Founder Story
by Harry Demott, Raptor Ventures
10:30AM Big Apple Startup Story: The Next Chapter
We've moved beyond 'why New York?' Let's talk about how to succeed here.
Moderator: Nate Hindman, Huffington Post | Jason Goldman, Obvious Corp. | Rachel Haot, NYC Media | Vinicius Vacanti, Yipit | Matt Harris, Bain Capital Ventures
11:10AM Founder Story
by Noah Kagan, AppSumo
11:20AM Mirror, Mirror: Partnering With Yourself
Learnings from a product addition that transformed a media company.
MODERATOR: Chris Johnson, Wakefield | Shane Rahamani, Jack Threads | Will Allen, Behance
11:50AM Founder Story
By Josh Abramson, College Humor
12:00PM Gizmos & Growth
Software may be eating the world, but hardware's had a whole new dawn. A conversation about growth with the real stuff.
Moderator: Nilay Patel, The Verge | Ben Kaufman, Quirky | Ayah Bdeir, Littlebits | Amanda Peyton, Grand Street | Carlos Micinley, Microsoft
12:35PM Founder Story
By Gary Vaynerchuck, VaynerMedia
1:00PM The Tumblr Story
A one-on-one with the founder and CEO.
MODERATOR: Felix Salmon, Reuters | David Karp, Tumblr
1:00PM - 9:30PM The Great Art Swashbuckle presented by Bucketfeet.com
Artists: Pierre Bernard Francillon | Damon Boardman | Ben Angotti |
lunch provided by Cater2.me
2:30PM Founder Story
By Mark Ecko, Ecko Enterprises
2:45PM Founder Story
By Jennifer Fleiss, Rent The Runway
2:55PM A Brave & Beautiful New World
Strategies for explosive growth from top e-commerce brands and startups in the fashion & beauty space.
MODERATOR: Emily Heyward, Red Antler | Neil Blumenthal, Warby Parker | Ken Seiff, Brooks Brothers | Jenny Fleiss, Rent the Runway
3:30PM Founder Story
By Geoff Bartakovics, Tasting Table
3:45PM Until Your Heart's Content
Brands are diving into content. A conversation about what's at stake for publishers, and how these partnerships are doing.
MODERATOR: Robin Haffitz, Open Mind Strategy | Shane Snow, Contently | Maya Baratz, ABC News | Paul Berry, Rebel Mouse
4:25PM Founder Story
By Dane Atkinson, SumAll
4:40PM Agency's Eye View
Agencies often hold the keys to startup and brand relationships. A frank discussion with stakeholders from all sides.
MODERATOR: Erin Griffith, Pando Daily | Ian Shafer, Deep Focus | Ari Goldberg, Style Caster | Jason Oshiokpekhai, AA | Andrew Toy, Divide
5:20PM Founder Story
By Matt Stillman, Vooza
5:35PM The Sounding Board
Few industries have captured more headlines due to change and disruption than music. Where's the opportunity now?
MODERATOR: Joey Rubin, Falling Whistles | Gerrit Meler, Spotify | Dave Stein, Thefuture.fm | Nick Catchdubs, Fools Gold Records | Harry DeMott, Raptor Ventures
7:00PM Official After Party with Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem
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